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For several months, the country was gripped with fear and uncertainty. We were all caught off-guard on how we can personally live our lives during these difficult times. Balancing the needs of PDS as an organization, the needs of its individual members and its residents in training while continuing to provide service to our countrymen is something that I thought will be very challenging. I would like to thank the PDS Board of Directors and Executive Committee for taking on the task to generously and tirelessly work together with me including our Council of Advisers who continuously guide us in surmounting the hurdles of this pandemic. Life as we knew it became so uncertain, but we must continue to persevere. The vision that guides us must be relived. The only way to navigate PDS as an organization is to focus on our purpose and fuel the passion in the hearts of each member to achieve our goals that include love for our profession, our society and our patients.

This Annual Convention is a testimony of such passion from each member of the Organizing Committee to provide the best educational program for our members. We will also experience the passion of our excellent speakers in sharing their knowledge and expertise so we will have the taste of excellence even during this time of the pandemic.

To all our members, let us learn how to REvolutionize, REvitalize, REstructure, REnew and Revisit Dermatology as we jointly REnavigate our specialty to the new normal.

Let this 2021 Annual Convention be a blessing and an opportunity of learning so we can serve our countrymen with quality and excellent healthcare that they truly deserve.

Maraming Salamat at Mabuhay ang PDS!

Francisco D. Rivera, IV, MD, FPDS




Welcome to the 44 th Annual Convention the Philippine Dermatological Society!
As we endeavor to emerge from a period of health and economic turmoil, we have chosen the theme “Renavigating Dermatology: PDS Into The Next Normal” for this year’s conference. The theme embodies our collective optimism that brings about our sense of renewed hope and revitalized courage for new beginnings.

For the second time, our convention will be an all-virtual event that will provide a safe and convenient setting to advance excellence in dermatological practice through shared knowledge and expertise. We recognize the assiduous efforts of the entire Organizing Committee in designing an invigorated 3-day program that abounds with exciting updates and insights on the most important and essential topics. With the participation of over 40 best-known and prominent speakers in plenary and on-demand scientific sessions, our conference will undoubtedly be a first-rate learning experience.

Although the end of the crisis is still nowhere in sight, let us continue to move forward with a deeper understanding of what we need to do and how we can do it. By adopting an attitude that prioritizes adaptability and further developing our skills, we can stay true to our commitment in providing competent and compassionate dermatological care to our fellow Filipinos, even in the midst of uncertainty and adversity.

See you at the convention!

Noemie Salta Ramos, MD, FPDS
Overall Chair, 44 th PDS Annual Convention





On behalf of the Scientific Committee, it is with great pleasure to welcome you to the
44th Annual Convention of the Philippine Dermatological Society, with the theme
“RENAVIGATING DERMATOLOGY: PDS INTO THE NEXT NORMAL,” that will be held on November 9-11, 2021.

This meeting aims to provide excellent continuing medical education to Filipino dermatologists in the comfort of your homes through state-of-the art plenary, interactive and on-demand sessions based on the following sub-themes:

  • To REvolutionize the current practice with advances in both medical and
    cosmetic dermatology
  • To REvitalize established concepts with latest updates
  • To REstructure skills with innovations and trends in the field
  • To REnew morale with holistic sessions on physical, mental and economic health
  • To REvisit old knowledge and practices that serve new purposes in this time
    of the pandemic.

I would like to encourage all members to take part in the virtual activities that the
hard-working scientific team has prepared as we look forward to a successful, enjoyable
and fruitful conference. It is our hope that our NEXT NORMAL today will set us up for a
BETTER NORMAL tomorrow. Thank you.


Cecilia Roxas-Rosete MD, FPDS
Scientific Committee


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